Pum's Kitchen sauces for home use

Store bought tempura fish in tamarind sauce
​using Pum's Kitchen Pad Thai sauce

Bring your fish alive with this yummy sauce.
For this recipe we need a few things.
We chose Sealord Tempura style Hoki fillets. We deep fried them but you could also follow the oven fry or air fry instructions and still get a great result.
While the fish is cooking, crush or chop two to three cloves of garlic and one to as many as you want Thai chilis (birds eye chili or red chili will do just fine too). (Amounts depend on how many are eating and how spicy you want it.)
Get some oil in a wok or small pan and warm to a medium heat, add the garlic and chili and lower the temp a bit. Be careful as the chili can burn quite quickly and you don't want that.
Add some of your Pum's Kitchen Pad Thai sauce, about one tablespoon per person will do, stir fry this for about 45 seconds while adding about half a tablespoon of water per person.
Now all you have to do is serve. Place your fish on the plate then pour this delicious sauce over your fish. Serve beside a nice green salad and some grape tomatoes for a yummy and healthy dinner.
Enjoy and post photos, we love seeing how people love our sauces, we really get a kick out of it. Pum and Chris.​